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The written word

A complete suite of language services

The two principals at MTI have more than forty years combined experience as translators and are certified in both French to English and English to French translation. We also rely on a select group of highly experienced colleagues to manage large projects.  


The translation services we provide are a perfect complement for conference organizers who require program materials in both official languages.


Our years of experience give us the confidence to steer away from litteral translations and produce copy that speaks to the reader and sounds like an original. 


We carefully research the terminology and the subject-matter of the documents we translate.


We deliver the finished translation in the format of your choice and offer a final proofing before it goes to print. 


Our fields of expertise cover a wide array of subjects e.g. medecine, law, engineering, education, sciences, 

museums, national parks, historical monuments, marketing and public relations



Creative adaptation is the art of skillfuly rendering the original message while taking into account how it will be perceived by the intended audience using the chosen medium. In short, it means writing copy that flows naturally to the ear of the listener. It is about the gentle art of persuasion.


We have more than fifteen years of experience providing creative adaptation services in the following areas to name just a few:

- narrator's script for corporate videos

- sub-titling (from shorts to feature length)

- advertising copy for radio and television

- interactive museum exhibits

- public relations campaigns

- character parts for voice-over


If you need a French version of video content you are planning to present at an event or conference, please consider us.




The spoken word

Translation is a means of bridging the communication gap across two languages and also across two cultures. It must convey tone and meaning and speak to the audience on its own merit. Far from being just a crutch, translation can actually enhance communication for the listener and allow spontaneous interchange between two language communities. Our goal is to facilitate this process through our unique expertise and attention to detail.

Creative adaptation
The medium is the message

Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is used in conference settings and often reffered to as «conference interpretation». It allows presentations and speeches to be delivered simltaneously in two langugages and allows participants to interact in real time in a moderated exchange. The process is seamless and unobstrusive. However, it requires a technical setup which is normally provided by a separate supplier.

Consecutive interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is typically used in judicial settings such as the courts and discoveries. The interpreter uses the natural pauses between question and answer to translate what has been said so far. Consecutive is also used with small groups e.g. accompanying an official delegation on a tour, faciltating a small group discussion during a breakout session, negociations and business luncheons.

Webcasting and Teleconferences

Some meetings are conducted remotely with participants in different locations either as a matter of convenience or as a cost saving measure.  Webcasting, live streaming and on demand viewing make the content of a meeting, conference or presentation available to a wide group of users. But it's important to factor in the additional technical requirements needed for translation in the case of remote or virtual meetings. We  understand both the possibilities and the limitations of the technology and can assist you in making the right choices to make sure your meeting is a success.


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